Fall Protection

When working at height, it’s important to use the right fall protection equipment to prevent a potentially lethal fall or accident.

174 PPE specialise in providing high-quality height safety products like fall arrest harnesses, lanyards, and fall arrest blocks. If you and/or your employees frequently work at height, we’ve got the fall arrest equipment & fall protection equipment that you’ll need to meet your legal obligations and minimise the risk of accidents.

Anchorage devices include fall arrest equipment made to the EN795 standard, protection against falls from height and makes them an approved anchorage point for connection to fall arrest lanyard, restraint lanyard, rescue kit or emergency evacuation system.
In order to offer maximum safety for workers, it is essential to select the right anchorage. All anchors must provide a secure fixing point, regardless of whether the application is based on steel, concrete, walls, roofs, etc. The anchor points must support the stresses of the fall protection system.

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