Fire Extinguisher Accessories

Enhance the functionality of your fire extinguishers with our range of fire extinguisher accessories. We offer a variety of options including fire extinguisher brackets, signage, tamper seals, and more. Keep your fire extinguishers in top condition and ensure they are easily accessible in case of emergency with our high-quality accessories.

All of our Fire Extinguishers are supply only and do not arrive commissioned. A competent installer is required.


Maximize Fire Safety with Essential Fire Extinguisher Accessories

Ensuring your fire extinguishers are ready and accessible in an emergency is crucial. Our range of fire extinguisher accessories is designed to enhance the functionality and longevity of your fire extinguishers. From brackets and signage to tamper seals, we provide everything you need to maintain your fire safety equipment in top condition.

Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Keep Your Extinguishers Secure and Accessible: Our fire extinguisher brackets are designed to securely hold your extinguishers in place, ensuring they are readily accessible when needed. Whether for chemical, powder, CO2, or water fire extinguishers, we have brackets that fit various sizes and types, making installation flexible and straightforward.

Signage for Fire Extinguishers

Ensure Visibility and Compliance: Proper signage is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a crucial element of fire safety. Our signs clearly indicate the location of fire extinguishers and provide information on the types of fires they can be used on, assisting in quick identification during an emergency.

Tamper Seals

Maintain Integrity and Prevent Misuse: Tamper seals are vital for indicating whether a fire extinguisher has been used or tampered with. Our durable seals provide peace of mind, ensuring that your extinguishers remain in a ready-to-use state, while also deterring misuse or accidental discharge.

Additional Accessories

  • Cabinets and Covers: Protect your fire extinguishers from dust, tampering, and environmental conditions with our range of cabinets and protective covers. Ideal for harsh environments or outdoor locations, they help extend the life of your extinguishers.
  • Maintenance Tags: Keep track of inspection dates and maintenance history with our maintenance tags, ensuring your fire extinguishers comply with safety standards and regulations.

Why Fire Extinguisher Accessories Matter

Fire extinguisher accessories not only extend the life of your fire safety equipment but also ensure they perform optimally in an emergency. By securing extinguishers with sturdy brackets, marking their location with visible signage, and sealing them against tampering, you enhance the overall safety and preparedness of your property.


Investing in high-quality fire extinguisher accessories is an investment in safety. Whether you’re equipping chemical, powder, CO2, or water fire extinguishers, our accessories range ensures your fire safety measures are robust, compliant, and ready for any emergency. Explore our selection today to find the perfect accessories for your fire extinguishers, and take a step towards a safer environment.

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