MultiCHEM Fire Extinguishers

Our MultiCHEM fire extinguishers are versatile and effective on a wide range of fire types. They contain a unique blend of chemicals that can extinguish Class A, B, and C fires, making them a valuable asset in any workplace.

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MultiCHEM Fire Extinguishers: The Ultimate Versatile Fire Safety Solution

In the world of fire safety, MultiCHEM fire extinguishers represent a significant advancement, offering unparalleled versatility and effectiveness. Designed to tackle Class A, B, and C fires, these extinguishers are equipped with a unique blend of chemicals, making them a valuable asset in various settings. Understanding how MultiCHEM extinguishers work and their benefits can help ensure that your workplace is prepared for a wide range of fire emergencies.

The Science Behind MultiCHEM Fire Extinguishers

MultiCHEM fire extinguishers contain a specially formulated chemical blend that is capable of extinguishing fires across multiple classes:

  • Class A: Combustible materials like wood, paper, and textiles.
  • Class B: Flammable liquids such as petrol, solvents, and paints.
  • Class C: Flammable gases.

This versatility is achieved through a unique formulation that not only cools the fire, as water or foam extinguishers do for Class A fires, but also creates a barrier that smothers and separates the fuel from the oxygen, effectively extinguishing the fire.

Advantages of MultiCHEM Fire Extinguishers

  • Versatility: Their ability to handle multiple types of fires makes them ideal for environments where risks are varied.
  • Efficiency: They offer a rapid response to a fire, reducing the need for multiple types of extinguishers in one location.
  • Space-saving: One extinguisher replaces the need for several different types, freeing up valuable space.

Comparing MultiCHEM with Other Fire Extinguishers

  • CO2 Extinguishers: While CO2 is excellent for electrical fires and leaves no residue, it lacks the versatility of MultiCHEM extinguishers in handling Class A and C fires.
  • Powder Extinguishers: Similar in versatility, powder extinguishers can also tackle multiple fire types but may leave a residue that could damage sensitive equipment, unlike the cleaner discharge of MultiCHEM extinguishers.
  • Water and Foam Extinguishers: Primarily effective against Class A fires, with foam extenders covering Class B, they do not have the capability to address Class C fires as MultiCHEM extinguishers do.

Maintenance and Safety Tips

Like all fire extinguishers, MultiCHEM units require regular maintenance checks, including ensuring the extinguisher is not damaged, the pressure gauge is within the green area, and the seal is not broken. Training on the correct use of MultiCHEM extinguishers is also essential, given their powerful chemical agent.


MultiCHEM fire extinguishers stand out for their ability to provide comprehensive fire protection across multiple fire classes with a single extinguisher. Their unique chemical blend offers a practical solution for workplaces with diverse fire risks. However, it’s important to complement them with specialised extinguishers like CO2 for electrical fires, ensuring a well-rounded fire safety strategy. By understanding the specific advantages and applications of MultiCHEM extinguishers, businesses can significantly enhance their fire preparedness.

Incorporating MultiCHEM fire extinguishers into your fire safety plan underscores the importance of versatile and effective fire-fighting solutions in protecting lives and property.

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